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Collectif Pearl Coat Review

While away in Cambodia I’d be sat daydreaming about the typical British winter, and well now it’s here. I know you probably all think I’m crazy wishing for this kind of weather but I have my reasons.

It means I can wear my Collectif Pearl Coat at any given opportunity, it is absolutely divine and true to its description it really is a show stopper.


In fact every time I wear this beauty I’m literally stopped in the street and asked where I managed to find such a coat.  I love it and it is by far my most favourite piece of clothing that I own.

It is made from a high quality faux fur trim to the cuffs and hem along with a thick collar in matching faux fur. Designed to keep in all the heat over the winter months the coat also has pleats at waist to add volume, and pretty era-specific bust pleating detail.

So yes, I am in love with the 1930’s inspired coat and you can probably understand now why I was so excited for winter to come along. I mean it may be February but I can definitely see the snow on the hills!


A review being a review I do have to be 100% truthful though, and after a year of having it I already fear I may have gotten all the wear possible for it.

At the high end of £200  buying this coat wasn’t a fast fashion decision, it was a choice to add a piece to my wardrobe that would last a lifetime.

One year down the line and I’ve sewn each button back on and all the hooks which  use to line the fur around my neck have all came off apart from one.

Actually the first one fell off the first week of my having the coat! And please don’t think I’m heavy handed and rough with it, that’s not the case at all.

I’ve read so many reviews on this coat and everyone loves it. It is a stunning piece and I completely understand why, but there are a few faults that need to be shared too.

I don’t mind the odd fix and sewing things back on, but for £200 I don want to have to do this only a year later, especially when six months of of the year it’s been away due to either me not being in the country, or it being too hot to wear.


Of course I’ve fixed it up as best as I can, and to be honest even knowing some of the faults wouldn’t actually put me off buying it. I mean look at it, it’s practically Disney!

Well now that I’ve mentioned  Disney, a friend of mine has a  little girl who actually thinks I’m Anna from Frozen. She misheard my name and hey you can’t blame her when I wander round in this coat! So yeah, do you want to build a snowman? Hang on I’ll just get my coat.


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