My Vintage

She wears the trousers

I’m most definitely a dress kind of girl, there’s something so simple about just putting one piece of clothing on and the whole outfit being pretty much complete. However I am partial to a good pair of trousers.


The thing with my body shape is I can never really get the right size. I have a little extra junk in the back of my trunk if you catch my drift so finding the right fit isn’t always easy. Then when I do find the right pair I make sure I get such a good wear out of them that they’re usually falling apart by time I’m done.

I’ve started a new job working in an office and am daily swanning in in a pretty frock but fancied  a change and needed a bit of an office appropriate wardrobe. Collectif clothing has become a bit of a saving grace for me recently and I’ve managed to spend a small fortune buying many different outfits – which I’m absolutely thrilled about.

I love these  COLLECTIF VINTAGE BONNIE SHERWOOD CHECK TROUSERS which were a very reasonable £16.28 in the sale. I’ve paired them up with a Lindy Bop blouse I love so much that I’ve bought twice over the years. One time it fell down the side of my radiator and I got a hole in it trying to pull it out (back when I lived in my student house), woops! I digress, but this one is the hole free one, and even if it isn’t the trousers are high waisted so you’d never even know. 


Back to the trousers – they’re a perfect fit in a size 10 for my body which I’m thrilled about. I lost a lot of weight while I was away which is slowly creeping back on. I don’t mind though, quite happy to have my curves back , so fitting into a 10 was good! The fabric is super soft and comfortable and I love how the zip is at the side so nothing digs in – never good!

I’ve gotten a little bit heel crazy recently too, I blame having a six foot three boyfriend, it means I can get away with wearing them a little more casually. I’ve bought two gorgeous pairs in the past week alone which accompany these trousers perfectly too.

Being home and back into a job has allowed me to have a little shopping time and be a bit more sparing with my money. I definitely don’t want to become too shopping obsessed, I was bad enough before I went away – but having 5 months off gives me some leeway for spending a bit of money.


Expect lots of Collectif  office/ day wear outfits coming soon, and a few Lady V London’s  – I’ve definitely been making up for it! Take care and let me know of any other places that do great quality trousers, can never have too many pairs!



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