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Window Dressing at the Superstore

As a vintage enthusiast, I often find myself being a bit of a magpie when it comes to discovering treasure among chaos, or at least I think so. As part of a graduate internship I’m currently on, I often spend time at a huge charity superstore where I’m given free reign to go all over.This is particularly fun when I get to go out back and get to discover all the unseen goods hidden away.


I love going into the shop and visiting all the staff. I always seem to be wearing a bright floating frock that catches everyone’s eye and seem to have the nickname ‘Mary Poppins’. Sometimes when I’m feeling really generous and have a bit of extra time on my hands the night before I’ll bring in brownies just to keep everyone sweet and smiling.

This week when I went down I was told by the lady who was going to be supervising me that day that she had the ideal role for me – dressing the window in vintage – my life’s calling, honestly I couldn’t have been happier.

I spent hours swooning around the racks of clothes carefully hand selecting the best, brightest and boldest vintage pieces I could find. Okay – some bits were definitely questionable, but they didn’t have to go out on my watch.


There were so many dresses and pretty little day frocks, I loved it. One thing I was thinking about really was how much I love buying things second hand and changing the style a little bit. There were pieces oozing with potential they just needed a little tweaking here and there.


This filled my little head with all kinds of wonderful ideas – but one in particular. It’s time for me to crack out and dust off that old sewing machine of mine and get back into altering and making garments. There is so much potential there and it’s time for me to make the most of it.


So, a little goal for myself over the next couple of months is to get back into it. Get sewing, get fixing and mending and get better. I’ve already made a few attempts on my machine and am making progress so it’s just about sticking with it and seeing what happens, oh and writing about it too!


P.S I don’t just go rummaging around the store for myself – managed to nab this gorgeous Cath Kidston Collar for the little fella!


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