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Get your curls out!

I naturally have the curliest type of hair and to be honest it’s a little bit of a nightmare, especially now it’s super long! I recently discovered the joys of a Tangle Teezer which has been a curly hair saving grace especially when it can get as tatty as mine!!

My hair now comes half way down my back and I love having it so long. It gives you so many more options with it but of course can be really hard to maintain. With its length too I know it definitely needs the odd ends taken off but I just can’t seem to bring myself round to going to the hair dressers for a trim.

Putting heat on it everyday isn’t an option if I want to keep it as healthy as can be so having it scraped up in a bun is usually how it will be worn on days when I’m at work. However when I do get the chance to make it pretty I’ve tried curling it and taming it a few different ways so thought I’d share my favourite.

First of all there’s the oh natural kind of way. This is how I wore my hair everyday while I lived away and was definitely the easiest option. The thickness of my hair has came back bigger than ever so this one is now a bit of a risky option, but still one I take every now and then depending on how humid it is outdoors.


My super skinny GHD’s were purchased six years ago when I first braved a pixie cut….and they’re still in prefect condition now. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t bought some normal sized ones to be honest because these bad boys are tiny but I love them. Recently I’ve been straightening my hair then just curling the very bottoms which has been super quick and easy to do.


I was huge on heated rollers for ages – like loved them. They’re just so quick and easy to use and I love how you just put them in then the rest is done for you. However, my hair is just a little bit too long for them at the moment and also I find they give me more volume than I actually need because damn my hair is already full of it. I also find my hair tends to frizz after a couple of hours whenever I use them and that’s no good.

My recently found favourite is a curling wand and I literally only discovered a week ago so will be caning this method until I’m sick of it most likely! I used the wand to ringlet my hair then brushed them out slightly so it gave my hair more of a vintage feel and pinned it up a little.


This is something I’ll definitely be doing more often and I’d love to be able to pin my hair up properly, especially on days where I just want to shot it up and have it all out of my face.

Have you got any tips on how to perfect vintage curls and pin up do’s, feel free to let me know I’d love to try them!!



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