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Going Beyond Skin

When I came home from Cambodia I was sure I wanted to make a conscious decision to think about where my clothes came from and this is still something I’d like to do.

Sure it can be so easy to slip into old buying habits, especially when sales are on, and obviously it isn’t going to happen over night, but it is still definitely important to think about what you’re buying.

It is not only beneficial ethically to buy well made clothes, but the product generally lasts longer, and although it may be more to by, but the cost per wear will work out cheaper in the long run as you’ll get more out of your garment.

One thing I miss about living abroad is definitely all the brands and events I managed to connect to due to the job I was in. My boss got invited to all kinds of things and I got to go along too.

One of these events was an evening dedicated to a film maker showing the audience the life of a Khmer factory worker. The film portrayed the life of a young girl around 18 years old who worked 12 hour days 6 days a week, lived in a tiny shared room and gave the majority of her working wages to provide for her family. It reflected a very sad, hard life for this young woman who was barely earning enough to scrape by for herself never mind her family.

I know that change doesn’t come over night, but awareness and knowing about how these girls are treat is a huge part of that change. If we understand that there are other options, and ways to buy clothes that are beneficial to us and those who make them then maybe, gradually we can see a change.

A few brands have caught my eye recently, and one of them is Beyond Skin, a shoe company with a vision for making cruelty free products. Their idea is to make stylish shoes that are made from  sustainable and ethical materials and have a wide range of beauties on their website.

The shoes range from around £70 – £150, which isn’t cheap, but would definitely be a good investment piece for any wardrobe. My favourite pair are the Pink Ellen Heels which retail at £130 and also come in cream and red.


I wonder how long it will take me to save to own these little beauties? There are so many amazing pairs online and I’d be breaking the bank for sure if I had my way and bought all my favourites so for now it’s just a bit of window shopping.

What do you think of Beyond Skin and cruelty free products? Let me know if you’ve came across any other ethical brands you think I should look into!



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