My Vintage

Making the most out of what you already have

All I can say right now is that life is very busy. I don’t even manage time to post half as much as I’d like to but that is just how things are right now.

I spend most of my time in black jeans and a white shirt because that is what I wear for work and am out between the hours of 7 am till 7 pm five days a week. So, that explains a few things. However when I do get a chance I love to have a good dress up!

I feel like a lot of things in my life need to change and all that begins with me. I know I’ve not really been investing as much time in myself and doing what I love as much but that has purely been down to me.

There has been another little detail of course which is that – my sister got married! It was the most perfect wedding, so perfect I’ll have to dedicate a whole post to it because just a brief mention doesn’t quite give it the justice it deserves, but that has been a big part of what I’ve been getting involved in most of this year.

Anyway, its summer! The typical British kind where one day it’s too hot to function then the next its hammering down with rain – yep, good old England.

I’ve haven’t bought new clothes in such a long time, and hey I’m even thinking of selling a few of my dresses so watch this space! I have hundreds and I’m not even sure I’ll wear half of them ever again, not because I don’t love them but because I just won’t.

I have so many favourties and over the years still keep going back to them over anything new. The whole point for me about wearing and buying vintage clothing was to own a piece that I could keep coming back to over and over so the aim gets lost a little when you end up with well over a hundred all crammed onto a rail in the loft space that currently is my bedroom.

So I’ve decided instead of buying more (and yes Lindy Bop when I see your sale so often it is far too tempting) I should embrace what I already have. If I am going to buy something new it should be able to be paired with what I already have. So I’ve started accessorizing what is already mine.

Instead of buying a new dress once a week I’ve been buying shoes or bags or something else that I can wear to add to what I  already own. It ads a new lease of life to my wardrobe and I’m loving wearing it all over again an discovering new ways to wear the same clothes.


Here I am in one of the first Lady V London dresses I bought around 4 years ago. Still in perfect condition dressed with some heals and a pink cardigan.

One of my many presents off my sister this year includes this gorgeous pink bag I love to wear with this outfit. It is a great size too which is perfect because I love to carry so much stuff with me.


She even personalised it with my initials which makes it that much more special I think.

I know I definitely need to make the most out of what I already have and this is one way of doing that for me, what about you? Any tips ? I’d love to hear them!


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