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Bows, tattoos and Chihuahua puppies!

How is this for the ultimate girls day – a morning of tattooing, then prosecco, pizza and puppies. Well at the weekend that is exactly what was on the cards.

My sister, who recently got married wanted us to all commemorate her special occasion by getting a matching ink so my mum, aunt, sister, best friend and I all got tattoos and my brother tagged along too for his own!

The morning was a mad rush. I rocked back home at 8am and had a mad dash getting ready as we were supposed to pick up my aunt at 8 too. I quickly grabbed a change of clothes and my makeup bag to be done in the car. (Side note: wait for the car to stop before applying eye liner!)

When we got into town we decided to go for breakfast and prepare ourselves for the day ahead. My aunt was going for her first ever tattoo and was extremely nervous. As we were walking up to the shop she was getting quieter and quieter – it was getting closer!

Alice was meeting us at the shop too – she was also getting a tattoo for the first time and was incredibly nervous. Jess my sister, the pro was going for number six and I was there for number four so we were cool as cucumbers. Ben was just there to watch – well initially that was the plan.

Aunty Maureen went first, and did well! Within a could of minutes it was complete and we were on to the next person then again and again. I agreed to go last, so when my time came I knew what to expect and was looking forward to seeing the final piece.


So what did we all get? A tiny little heart on our right ankle – nothing huge but I absolutely love it and love that we all got the same! My brother wanted to get in on the fun and got his own little cross on his ankle which looks so lovely too!


After our little trip we headed over to my aunt and uncle’s little cottage where there was a whole load of nibbles and prosecco waiting for us. Now my aunty Gill and uncle Tony are THE BEST hosts ever, Like incredible. I always love going to see them and being in their beautiful home.


It was such a beautiful day and we were able to sit in the sunshine outside and enjoy chatting and sipping away. I love having family and friends together and it means so much to be able to have friends that get on so well with my family.


We were all talking and Gill was asking if we’d seen the little dog in the shop next door, which we hadn’t so all ended up flocking into the shop to meet this gorgeous chihuahua pup. He was absolutely gorgeous and we were all smitten. After lots of hugs and kisses we went back to our drinks leaving little Peter Pan behind.

A few hours passed by and we’d all been chatting about this that and the other. We heard the gate open and in came the original owner of Peter Pan the pup – with his sister Wendy and Tinkerbell.





She handed over the most precious little dogs I’ve ever seen and they just snuggled into us and gave the best little cuddles. Jess and I were besotted. We wanted to take them home so much – and mum must have had a fair few drinks because she kept saying I could get one if I wanted one!


Saying goodbye to the little pups was sad but it was such a sweet way to end a day spent with family and friends. Sometimes when life gets busy it is so important to take time out and spend it with those who mean most. We’ve decided to celebrate the little things, spend more time doing fun things and then thinking about the consequences later – after all life is too short, spend it enjoying every moment.


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